Merry Christmas!

Life on Life Mentoring Family, 

First of all, Merry Christmas!

Year 2 of ministry has kicked off and we are rolling (our “ministry year” / fiscal year begins September 1st each year). I am excited to announce we’re currently coaching 20 mentors! Nine of the 20 are in their second year and we’ve added 11 first year mentors to the group.

It’s been an amazing experience to get to know these mentors and their heart for youth. These mentors are doing Life on Life with their mentees, and the Lord is working! God is using their daily investment to change the trajectory of many young lives.

For example, I want to share a brief story of how God is working in one of the mentor/mentee relationships. One of the first-year mentors (we will call him David) is mentoring a 11-year-old young man (we will call him Jon). David invited Jon to help clean up the meal and doing the dishes after having dinner together with David’s family. David used the occasion to share how this is one way he serves his wife and family.

This example may seem trivial, but as these occasions pile up the impact is significant. Each of these small moments is an important opportunity to speak into a life a message they might not otherwise ever hear nor see demonstrated. Jon saw an aspect of manhood he never saw before; humble servanthood.

At Life on Life, we are convinced 100 moments like this, taught and exemplified by believing mentors, help set a trajectory in youth of healthy Christ-like husbands and fathers. We praise God for the work he is doing through the mentors; God is ministering grace onto these youth, and we look forward to witness what God will do in and through these mentors in 2019.

We want to wish you our sincerest Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Eric Chavoustie
Founder, Life on Life Ministries

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