Your generosity impacts the lives of youth in hard places

It’s easy to share the Gospel to someone, it’s much harder to share your life with someone. Jesus did both.

Relational focused.



The three compounding problems we are attacking


Many youth are spiritually lost while facing fatherlessness, poverty and childhood trauma.


Mentors often feel unequipped and alone.


Ministry Leaders need to be equipped to develop volunteer mentors.


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Your generosity fuels the development of long-term mentors!

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Our Desires

Quality over Quantity

 Depth over Numbers with shallow impact

Long-term over Short-term

Our Core Values

Relational Focused.

God uses people to build people.  Programs are good but not ultimate. They are merely a tool to start and foster relationships. Mentors face many challenges as they build relationships with mentees. Therefore, our entire ministry is focused on helping relational growth. Like Jesus, we want to share not only the gospel but our own lives.

Jesus Centric.

We love God and we love his Holy Word, the Bible. We want to fully obey Jesus and his command to love God & love our neighbors. We are not about building our own little kingdom, we seek first the Kingdom of God and implement that 100% in our ministry. We desire to be Spirit led disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.

Hard Places.

No matter the context- urban, suburban or rural- kids are facing fatherlessness, poverty and complex trauma. Children in hard places often deal with abuse, neglect and/or trauma. Our desire is to equip more believers to serve these youth.

Check out our strategy.

"Freely GIven" Model

Often times ministries provide their services for a fee. There is nothing wrong with this but it does restrict who can receive the services. We serve ministries who are working in hard places. Typically these ministries are working on a shoe-string budget and don’t have the funds to pay fees.

From day 1 we decided to take a “Freely Given” model. God has freely given to us so we want to freely give to others. We don’t want money to prevent the equipping of mentors and ministry leaders. We give everything away for free. God has sustained LOLM entirely through generous monthly supporters and we want to honor them by stewarding their gifts well. If the Lord stirs your heart to become a LOLM monthly supporter, we would welcome it with gladness.

What makes LOLM so different?

We are in the mess too. We are practitioners. We are not people who “did” this in the past, but we are living this now. Having 10+ years of mentoring experience, being foster and adoptive parents. We understand there are real challenges for mentors. Our #1 goal is to see God do a mighty work and develop solid long-term mentors who are faithfully discipling youth from hard places.