Jesus only had twelve disciples, within that group he went deeper with three. Through these few deep investments, He changed the world and the course of history. That’s the power of God, but also the power of his method. Life on life.

Life on life isn’t a new concept. It’s what Jesus modeled when he said “Come, follow me.” It is not only a mentor teaching how to live a God honoring life but being willing to model it.  This happens through all the small things in life which over time builds up to life transformation, for both mentor and mentee.

Life on life is:

A relationship

We go beyond mentoring by focusing on establishing authentic relationships with mentees, so that we're in a place where we can truly speak into their lives.

Cannot be faked short-term; it’s a long-term investment

Jesus invested thousands of hours into twelve men, and that investment changed the world. He calls us to do the same.

Everyday life

Eating together, hanging out together, studying the word together, fishing together, helping run errands, supporting them at their sporting event, being seen as a father, husband, mother, wife, and continually pointing them to their Heavenly Father.

An example of a life on life relationship...