It’s easy to share the Gospel to someone, it’s much harder to share your life with someone. 
Jesus did both.

Life on Life:

Life on Life is a an authentic long-term Christ centered relationship fueled by Jesus’ love. It’s a mentor who is compelled by Jesus’ sacrificial love for them, to sacrificially love their mentee for the long-haul, regardless of outcomes.

It is a relationship that goes well beyond the walls of a program and transcends into everyday life. It is a mentor willing to invite their mentee into their life as well as being willing to dive into their mentee’s life. It’s being willing to not only teach God’s truth but a willingness to stay and model what it looks like to follow Jesus in everyday life.

We model our mentoring after Jesus’ example. Jesus invested deeply into a few. His investment and willingness to say “Come follow me” is what changed the world. That’s the power of God, but also the power of his method, Life on Life.

Why Hard Places?

Jesus sought out and went towards the vulnerable even at the expense of himself. We will follow his example. We have a heart to serve the most vulnerable youth. Youth from “hard places” often experience repeated forms of abuse, neglect and/or trauma. This happens in every context such as suburban, rural and urban. These are the youth we seek to serve.

Life on Life is:

A relationship

It is an authentic trusted relationship that allows for mentors to speak truth into the lives of their mentees. These relationships take time to build.

Cannot be faked short-term; it’s a long-term investment

Jesus invested thousands of hours into twelve men, and that investment changed the world. He calls us to do the same.

Everyday life

Eating together, hanging out, running errands, studying the Word, cheering them on at sporting events all while pointing them to their Heavenly Father along the way.

An example of a life on life relationship...